Our company “Biolabmix” has been operating in the biotechnology market since 2010. We are developers and manufacturers of our own innovative, high-quality and competitive products.

Our products

  • Mastermixes and Kits for PCR
  • Kits and mixes for RT and RT-PCR
  • DNA molecular weight markers, DNA probes, DNA probes
  • Kits and reagents for NA isolation
  • RNA transcript
  • Enzymes and reagents for PCR and molecular biology
  • Modified oligonucleotides and triphosphates
  • Team

Product quality

We guarantee high quality and provide real analytical data (NMR, HPLC-MS) for each batch.

Reasonable prices

We are committed to reasonable prices. Compare our prices with competitive offers and you will notice the difference.

Fast shipping

We maintain catalogue positions in warehouses for the fastest possible delivery in the US, EU and CIS.

Technical support

We are ready to provide all the necessary technical support to our customers by phone or email.